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What is this "Slalom Survivor" nonsense???

A Gold Medal Connections original, we developed SLALOM SURVIVOR © as an alternative to traditional slalom races, offering an easier to organize, more inclusive, and zanier competitive event that can be done anywhere there's water and wherever people with boats want to play.

The game promotes the same precision paddling skills, competitive strategies, and "beat the clock" excitement of a typical slalom race, but dispenses with formalities to the extent that all comers are welcome and all are encouraged to participate in whatever style fits the mood of the day.

There are no specific rules for Slalom Survivor really, but there are a few guiding principles that lend some consistency to each manifestation of the game:

-Fun, originality, and silliness are of utmost importance
-Anyone, in any kind of craft, can play
-Tasks should test skills and present challenging options
-Bonuses and penalties make for interesting strategy
-The course should be able to be set in less than 15 min
-Heckling and shameless guffawing are expected

Other than that, the only limit to how it works is your own twisted creative thought process. For more on how the game is played, read on below ...... as well as check out our introductory VIDEO showcase.

Meanwhile, if you have specific questions about Slalom Survivor or how to organize an event of your own, please write to: info@goldmedalconnections.com

What Slalom Survivor participants have to say....

"I loved Slalom Survivor and focusing on those really fundamental aspects of my paddling .... plus, I always like mixing it up with other boats ... How in the world do you serve such a disparate group of paddlers? You guys do a great job!."


"I about wet my shorts laughing that hard."


"Seemed ridiculous at first, but then that turned out to be the beauty of the whole thing .... incredibly fun!."


"I was surprised how challenging it was. To do the moves well took some real planning and concentration ... great game!."

The series of tasks in a Slalom Survivor course (the equivalent of passing through a series of slalom gates in a race) classically draws inspiration from a hybrid conceptual format, somewhere between Biathlon, a scavenger hunt, and "Deal Or No Deal". Imagine instead of charging into an eddy and whipping through a tight upstream gate on a pivot, you have to use the same water-reading proficiency and boat control to whack a dangling milk jug with your paddle in haste on your way to the next task.

Using readily available resources is key for minimizing task station setup and logistics … existing trees and overhanging branches make great staging bases for all kinds of props…. Bailing buckets and throwbags suggest a cavalcade of creative concessions … wet t-shirts draped on mid-stream rocks present colorful directional aids and touchable targets. And don't forget on-water challenges, like having to hand-paddle from station 1 to station 2 ….or performing an s-turn stern first ... or doing 360's using only crossbow draws.

Bonuses and penalties are another critical aspect of the game. Infinite variations of tactical choreography can draw dramatically tight lines between winners and losers, while entertainment ratings skyrocket for spectators. A contestant might choose to skip a particular task, absorbing a penalty for doing so, but also calculating the excess time it would have taken to perform and hoping to receive a coveted bonus further along that might more than make up for it …. Ah, the exhilaration of risk taking.

Consider too how best to staff the course efficiently. Some tasks may require a station assistant to re-set a prop or insure proper execution. Timing can be as simple as synchronizing watches and having boats start on even minutes with a single finish timer at the bottom … and sure, the honor system even works well (especially where no cash prizes are involved) …. Let everyone keep track of their own times, penalties and bonuses … It will add amazing zest to all the trash talk.