May 2019 Payette River, Idaho

Gold Medal Connections
Whitewater Skills Camps

Hone Your Whitewater Paddling Skills
our Kern River Gold Medal Camps
May 8-10 and May 11-13, 2018

Two 3-Day Whitewater Kayaking Instructional Intensives taught by veteran US Team Athletes and Coaches for Intermediate to Advanced Boaters.

Both camps this year will offer focused sessions dedicated to improving paddling technique and can even explore slalom racing technique if desired.

GMC reserves the right to cancel any session if water levels adversely impact instruction (refunds would be given in such cases).

Tom Long- Team USA Development Coach
Tren Long- Current USA Team Member

Chad Long- Former USA Team Member
Kenneth Long- Former USA Team Member
Anne Long- Former USA Team Member

"I wish I could convey to others who have not done these camps
just how fun and beneficial they are."

~ Bill Triffet, April 2006

This year, in our 23rd season of sharing the wonders of whitewater, we're transplanting our renowned Kern River Whitewater Skills Camps to Idaho's remarkable Payette River System to take advantage of broader instructional opportunities, skill-appropriate water levels, and an abundance of amazing teaching sites.


What past Gold Medal clients say....

"I appreciated the layering of skill practice, starting with basic technique and building up from there, breaking everything down to the core skills.I was really surprised at how many of those core skills I hadn't been taught before. Your explanations helped my comprehension and gave me clear goals to take away."


"The technical sessions were definitely worthwhile. After almost 10 years of paddling,
I hadn't realized how sloppy my skills were."


"I was very impressed with the coaches' ability to dissect our performances within seconds. The repetition drills and running lines were great because you get immediate feedback and then could adjust to see improvement. The video was the best - it really shows me what I am doing on the water."


" I really liked improving the strokes I knew, while learning new ones at the same time. Working and drilling on the river sessions was really good too. It expanded my thinking about what a ferry is and how to use it in different situations."

These unique 3-day programs offer progressive whitewater instruction to paddlers of all skill levels, ages 15 and up. It’s your opportunity to work with Olympic-level instructors in one of the finest whitewater venues in America.

Through these customized camps, the coaches use their whitewater slalom backgrounds, technical insights and philosophies to introduce a repertoire of fundamental, precision skills designed to help boaters better their performance in any and all forms of paddling.

Each camp includes two on-water sessions daily. The teaching sites provide a full range of options, from calm moving water ideal for isolating technique, to invigorating whitewater rapids with standing waves and deep eddies.  These combinations allow for a world-class whitewater learning experience, whether you have been paddling one year or many.

Along with their technical observations, the coaches offer a fun-filled approach to learning, They outline many concepts used in top-level competition, while keeping them in familiar, river running contexts. Group sizes are small enough so attention can be given to each individualís progress.

Participants should have some previous (novice level) paddling experience and be comfortable on easy (class II) moving water. A solid river roll, while encouraged, is NOT a requirement for these camps.

If you have specific questions about the camp, please write to:

Payyette River sites in and around Banks, Idaho
The Camps will be hosted by and based at Cascade Raft & Kayak

(includes instruction, presentations, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners)

May 8-10 & May 11-13 / 2019
$475.00 each 3-day Camp

or camping is available near the venue:

Hilton Garden Inn, Eagle Idaho
Garden Valley Motel, Garden Valley Idaho
River Canyon Retreat, Garden Valley

Contact Cascade Raft & Kayak for more details and reservations - phone: (800) 292-7238

Kayak Rentals & Paddling Gear:
Cascade can rent gear to Gold Medal Camp participants (if needed during your session). Try out the latest kayak models.

Through Cascade Raft & Kayak
phone: 800-292-7238


"The general whitewater instruction was superb.
Slalom technique has its applications and most people can
apply the overall aspects to their everyday whitewater activities."