Sao Joao del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil


This February I had a fabulous opportunity to visit my good friends the Langfur / Reynolds clan during the splendor and fantasy of Brazilian Carnival. I've put together some video clips and slideshows to give you a bit of a taste. The downloads below take some time, so if yours is limited, I'll first suggest video 2 and slideshow B as great samplers.

You'll need QuickTime to view these - click here for free download (Windows or Mac) if you don't have it already. Each clip opens its own page - just close it to return - Enjoy!


1) Dancin' in the Street (1.6MB)

2) Shake that Thing (1.3MB)

3) The Jumping Maestro (4.5MB)

4) Burgundy Bateria (3.9MB)


A) Ao Redor de Sao Joao (2.7MB)

B) Carnival Desfiles (3.7MB)

C) Meus Amigos (1.4MB)